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This page features members' Abys and Somalis who are doing well at shows this year — click on any icon to see the corresponding full-page photo and note that the most recent wins are at the top, with earlier wins below them. Photographs are couresty of the owner/s unless stated otherwise. For previous pages 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 page here, for the 2015 page here, for the 2016 page here, and for the 2017 page here, and for the 2018 page here2019.


In Brisbane:-

At the 3-ring QICC Show, on 6 February 2021, Gail and Mark Clignett's Tawny neuter cat, Caircocats Tango In The Dark  (Gr Ch Merindalee Patrick SwayzeCaircocats Lulu Bliss), was Best SH Desexed Cat (out of ?) in one ring and reserve in another.


In Melbourne:-

At the GCCFV 2 ring Jailbreak Show on 31 January 2021, Liz Parker's Tawny female Somali kitten, Ikati Kismayo (Ikati Qani X Ch Ikati Lana), was Best Group 3 Kitten, Best Group 3 Exhibit and Supreme Exhibit in Ring 1 under judge Meryle Frame (out of 66).

In Brisbane:-

At the 3-ring QFA Show, on 17 January 2021, Jeanette Cook's Tawny male cat, Cairocats Keto (Cenglow Za Boss X Gr Caircocats Mystic Sands), was Best SH Entire Cat (out of 12) in all three rings. Her Tawny male kittenCairocats Andreas Sparkle (Cairocats Keto X Caircocats Zeeba), was Best SH Kitten (out of 12) in all three rings. He went on to be Supreme Shorthair Exhibit under judge Barbara LaRocca as well as overall Supreme Shorthair Exhibit (out of 39).



In Sydney:-

Cats NSW held its 3 ring Phoenix Rising Show on 8 February 2020 and the Abys performed extremely well. 

Ben & Wendy's Tawny male, Bronze Dbl Gr Ch Swift Taj Burrow (Gr Ch Merindalee Dustin Hoffman X Swift Aztec Rose), was Best Gr 3 Entire Cat in three rings and went on to be Best Group 3 Exhibit in two of them. He finished off the day as Supreme Exhibit under judge Fiona Cooper (out of 66). He is shown in the left-hand photo.

Ben and Wendy's Tawny Blue female kitten, Swift She's Like the Wind (Cenglow Rapid X Swift China Doll), was Best Gr 3 Kitten in three rings. "Windy" went on to be Best Gr 3 Exhibit in 1 ring and Supreme Exhibit under judge Scoot Andresen (out of 66). She is pictured in the right-hand photo.

Photographer: Wendy Newton



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